As TURNON GLOBAL, we are an international trading, procurement and consulting company located in Istanbul/Turkey. 

As a company which is committed to supply quality goods in reasonable and competitive prices, with providing one-stop solution; our main goal is to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction to our clients worldwide.

Our extensive supply network in Turkey and Far East, long-standing cooperation with many manufacturers and importers based on trust and sincerity enables us to solve all our customers' problems, needs and demands on time and easily.
With respect to our clients’ requirements; sourcing required products, following up whole period of the production, quality control, packaging, warehousing, clearance, shipping meticulously and reporting these daily to our customers by e-mail is our main duty.

Also, documents such as proforma & commercial invoices, packing list, Declaration of Confirmity, Certificate of Origin, B/L or AWB, test reports, inspection reports, other necessary certificates required in relevant countries are provided completely for their needs.


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